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a workspace to inspire creativity:

studio tower designed by small & rossell landscape architects, 2003

in the fight to mitigate the effects of climate change, landscape architects are on the front line and given the opportunities, we have the expertise to help restore the health of this little planet

driven to excel, be it in; urban design or habitat creation and all green spaces in between 

small & rossell landscape architects has been a partnership between Adrian Small and Carole Rossell in British Columbia since 1995. They have collaborated since the mid 1980's when, as UK licensed landscape architects, they were involved in major urban renewal brown field projects in the industrial West Midlands.  

The firm’s portfolio is diverse and encompasses; senior and social housing, commercial and mixed use, multi family residential, public plazas and parks, street-scape, institutional, private gardens, habitat and landscape restoration projects with an underlying commitment to apply sustainable design principles and techniques.

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